Paul Diaz is  Native of Houston, Texas. He has been  in Real Estate Business over 17 yrs in Houston Area.  He is an Expert and Knowledgeable Real Estate Salesman. Quality Service and Quality New Homes Are Shown to His Clients. 

"Top Producer in New Home Sales"

Bilingual . Speaks English and Spanish.

  FHA - VA Mortgages 


Quality Mortgage Companies

Certified by BBB

As low as 530 middle credit score


                          30  Year  Fixed Mortgage Loans


              Between 530 -579 middle credit score

Down Payment minimum 10%

Interest Rate  - 5.25% - 5.875% - apr 6.063% 

subject to adjustments

45- 60 days to close 


 30 year fixed

Between 580 -599 middle credit score

Down Payment minimum 3.5%

Interest Rate  - 4.25% - 5.875% - apr 6.063% 

subject to adjustments

45- 60 days to close


30 year fixed

Between 600-850 middle credit score

Down Payment minimum 3.5%-

Interest Rate 4.25% - apr 4.421%

subject to adjustments

-- NO POINTS -- 0+0 

30 days to close


**Other Expenses - Associated with Buying a Home**

                                     Underwriting =  $900.00

Appraisal = $470.00

Credit report  = $30.00

 Your Title Company fees


Minimum Mortgage $80,000

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We are highly qualified and can provide you with all the tools and advice you need, especially in today‚Äôs rapidly changing, complex housing market. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying a new  home - contact us now!  Getting You Financing.   Getting You Qualified for Financing. Fix Any Bad Credit...then Getting You Low Interest Financing.    We have Great Sucess in Getting People with Bad Credit. Fixed on Credit, then Getting them Their New Home with Warrenties.


I had very bad credit.  My score was  457 credit score.   Every time I went to see about getting a home.  They would tell me.  Pay 20% down  and will finance your home for 12% rate.  That was going to be $29,900 down and 
payments were going to be $2,950 per month on $159,000 home.  I liked and picked.  " I could not afford that!
I was paying $1,000 @ for rent in apartment.  I needed bigger home for my family of 4.   I went to Paul Diaz with
my " New Home Realty".   He set me up to repair my credit score.    In 60 days, his associate mortgage company,
removed 26 items off my credit report.  My credit score went up to 720 credit score!  I went with Paul and got my
New Home - Just built.  He found for me.  House was for $165,000.  4 bedroom, 2 story.  He negotiated it down to $155,000 and negotiated for The builder to pay all closing cost.  Got my New Home  payed $4,000 down and
payments are $1,100 a month, 30yrs fixed, 4% interest, FHA loan, taxes and everything.  I got my Dream Home, I wanted!!!Low payments  and low interest.  I could not believe it!  I recomend Paul Diaz and His New Home Sales Agents,they are very smart and knowledgable  experts. 
 Mary Kisha Hartman  and family,  Houston, Texas

"Paul and his Team of experts made the process of buying my new home, so easy. Walked  us through every step of buying a new home,  from finding the right home and location to getting me financed.  I recomend him.  He is very knowledgable Real Estate salesman." -- James Newberry, Houston, Texas

"I did not know.  I could qualify for new home.  Paul Diaz made me a believer.  Me , wife, my children  moved in New Home in North Houston area.  Master planned community.  No  flooding during Hurricane season.  So happy.  Quality Schools and quiet neighborhood, with lots of trees.  I encourage to use Paul.  For getting that new home. "Every one else wanted to sell a used house with no warranties.  I got a New home with warranties, Now! "--  Robert Martinez, North Houston